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Who Are We?

27 FEB, 2022

Q1: What is the purpose of this blog?

A1: We speak on behalf of the people. Many minds, one voice.

Q2: Why?

A2: The world is broken in many ways, in many places. I cannot fix it on my own. We must forsake our ignorance, our fear. We must fight.

Q3: What do you mean “The World is Broken?”

A3: We see that individual freedoms are being taken by systems that see their constituents as a means to an end. They glut themselves upon our blood, Then tell us that we were the ones who held the knife. They invade our homes, and tell us that we agreed to this, that we wanted this. They steal our identities, replacing them with hollow imitations. They say it will help us be like them.

They lie.

Q4: Who are you?

A4: We are the chants yelled by those who remain unbroken. We are the mournful cries of the victims of greed. We are the whispers of the hunted; the creed of warriors and peacemakers alike. We are all and none at once, and so we will never die.

We are the eternal voice of a wronged and vindictive people.

And we have had enough.